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    Mary Bridget Davies


    In 2010 Mary moved to Kansas City, recorded her debut blues album, Wanna Feel Somethin," and was nominated "Best Blues Album" by KC Pitch.


    Mary and her band recently competed in the 2011 International Blues Challenge and won 2nd, out of 110, in the band category.


    Mary Bridget Davies was playing Janis Joplin long before she stepped on stage to play "One Night with Janis Joplin".  As a little girl, she jumped onto her parents green corduroy couch and wailed "Piece of My Heart" like a banshee. Davies hearing this critique from a woman after a recent show: "You came out and I thought, "She doesn't look like Janis Joplin.' and by the second act, I said, "My god, that's Janis Joplin. ‘she just transformed.” Laughed and responded "That's my job--to make you believe that that's who I am,".


    We haven’t had our Mary Bridget Davies fix for way too long.  So happy she will be visiting Uncle Bo's and we can hear that voice again.